Composite joins Orckestra

September 8, 2015, we announced that Orckestra has been acquired by Orckestra, a Canadian software company headquartered in Montreal. This means we are now a fully owned subsidiary of Orckestra, a company that was founded in 2006 and has grown to over 150 employees with offices in Montreal, Canada, in Austin, USA, and now Copenhagen as well.

Orckestra provides a leading cloud-enabled software suite for e-commerce that is currently supporting global brands including mid to large size retailers, grocers and branded manufacturers. Orckestra is strongly positioned as an innovator in the market, with their unique Orckestra Commerce Cloud platform and integration with Microsoft’s Azure cloud ecosystem.

Over the last three years, Orckestra has watched us closely including our strategic shift to a fully cloud-enabled open source CMS based on the Microsoft stack. This eventually led to the acquisition because our product is a good match with their vision and product offering, enabling them to make web content management a native part of their omni-channel commerce solutions.

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»We’ve kept an open eye on C1 CMS for the past three years. The product has evolved and is a perfect fit. Integrating C1 CMS, will enhance our product offering and enable customers to unify content and commerce across digital and physical consumer touch-points.«

Louis Fournier, CEO and President of Orckestra.

Deal opens a new chapter

Here at Composite, we are both proud and extremely excited about the acquisition. We believe it will open an entirely new chapter for our company and CMS and more importantly, the growing community that uses C1 CMS across the world.

The integration of the C1 CMS technology into Orckestra’s products will allow partners and customers to build great digital solutions where content and commerce are unified across digital and physical touchpoints. From the customers’ perspective, this improves their ability to create consistent, personalized shopping experiences. And from an operational point of view, it will also reduce time-to-market by making it easier to manage content and commerce all in one place.

»We are extremely excited about the deal because it will open an entirely new chapter for us and the many CMS Users throughout the world. The combined product offering of Orckestra and Orckestra will provide partners, especially in the .Net and Azure Cloud ecosystem, access to a enterprise commerce platform running in the cloud.«

Oskar Lauritzen, General Manager for Orckestra Europe (former CEO of Composite)

C1 CMS will continue to offer and support a stand-alone open source CMS

In addition to integrating C1 CMS in Orckestra’s product offering, we will continue to offer our free open source CMS as a stand-alone product with the commercial extensions and services we have offered so far. With the ongoing integration of the combined power of our two companies, however, we will have far more to offer going forward.

For example, we are currently working on a new and improved GUI, that we expect to release in the fall. Looking further ahead you can expect us to publish more releases that will add new features and functionality providing more value to your solutions. We will also be expanding our staff base significantly, initially with five new employees joining the Copenhagen office.


»The C1 CMS open source project will grow stronger under the wings of Orckestra. Our community will see more activity, developer tooling and high-end features, thanks to the new colleagues, resources and expertise Orckestra bring to our work. This and a real contender in the commerce and enterprise space is what we will be shipping soon.«

Marcus Wendt, Lead Software Architect for C1 CMS in Orckestra (former Product Manager of Composite)