Hello Blog World

15 June 2010

Hello World!

Vlad -the guy running our Kiev office - have written a blog package for Composite C1 and I guess you are now reading the first public blog post running on this engine, so this is a big hearty Hello Blog World from us and our blog package.

Previously we have been using our forums and 'temporary pages' for announcing new releases and describing development progress, but our forums (based on YetAnotherForum.NET) have given us limited room for expression, both in terms of what we can do visually and in terms of what we can write. The YAF editor is a <TEXTAREA /> with some limited markup support, while this new Composite C1 based blog allows us to use all the C1 Console features, like the Visual editor where we can work with styling, embed tables and images, call XSLT Functions and ASP.NET controls, link to other content easily etc. And for some reason you have more freedom of expression when it comes to writing blog posts compared to forum posts.

All in all we are happy to finally have a blog! And it's commercially available for others to enjoy!

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