Documentation site refactored

29 July 2010

Reading CMS documentation should be a great web experience! has been growing organically for quite some time and was getting to the point where it just wasn’t very friendly to use. That is inexcusable on any website, especially if people depend on it for documentation. In software terms you could say that it was in bad needed of refactoring and with a CMS like Composite C1 it’s not even hard - so we have refactored it.

A new content structure should ensure that developers can find what they need – we have opted for a technology oriented structure since developers typically have a technology oriented approach to problem solving. We have titled these areas HTML/CSS , XSLT and ASP.NET. The other areas are cross-cutting concepts and we have titled these areas Getting started, Data and C1 Console.

The menu behavior and design have also been dramatically changed – the navigational system and layout on now resembles This trend will continue on all of our C1 sub sites and the driver is of course a consistent experience when moving across our business, developer, user and community oriented sites. A little CSS3 info; all the rounded corners are done using border-radius and CSS3PIE to make IE6, 7, 8 play along.

We have added a Video section where you can easily navigate the videos about Composite C1 development and a Getting started section where you can get a good head start on your C1 experience. Finally we have shelled out $100 to Google so we may use them as our search engine and give you better search results which include all the C1 related websites.

The user guide has been moved to a dedicated user site – here we will be focusing a bit more on the end user experience. The developer forum is also gone – instead we are doing a dedicated community site - more on this later.

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