Composite C1 1.3 SP1 available

10 September 2010

Service Pack 1 for Composite C1 1.3 is available.

This is a minor update which fixes a few critical bugs, make Apple OS X users feel more at home and make C1 work with the Firefox 4 beta releases. Upgrading from 1.3 to 1.3 SP1 is painless and does not introduce any breaking changes.

You can upgrade your Composite C1 1.3 solution to SP1 via the System perspective: “Packages | Available packages | Composite.Updates | 1.3 SP1”. As always we suggest you ensure you have a fresh backup of your website before upgrading.

Changes in Composite 1.3 SP1 include:

  • Critical Firefox 3.6.9 problem fixed: The recent Firefox update killed support for ‘enter’ and ‘tab’ in our source code editors.
  • Critical IE problem fixed: Tab switching while working with the Visual Editor would make the editor ignore ‘space’ and ‘backspace’ keys.
  • Critical Checkbox/Multitab/Postback issue fixed. In certain multi tabbed editors post backs could make a checkbox switch from on to off.
  • Firefox 4 beta tested. Unless the developers at Mozilla throw in some surprises we expect to run on Firefox 4 when it release.
  • Apple OS X look and feel when running on OS X.

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