We're hiring! Senior frontend developer for our core group

02 November 2010

Can you dominate any browser using ninja mind tricks, css and wisdom?

We are looking for a senior frontend developer for our open source project. You will be working in the core product group at Composite in Copenhagen, building a modern web content management system called Composite C1 and providing your expertise and insights in areas like application UI design, frontend developer tooling and technology choices.

You will be required to have a high standard of hand-coding and will work with your colleagues to make sure the end user/developer have something that is looking good, works fast and is reliable. You will be predominantly charged with front-end development (JavaScript, Css, Firefox, Ie8+, Chrome) however you must have a good understanding of back-end processes on the Microsoft server platform.

The chores of a core developer

Your primary task will be extending the C1 Console – the administrative tool of Composite C1 – a rich web application based on a JavaScript driven UI framework, where the UI (trees, menus, editors, wizards etc.) is synthesized based on SOAP and abstract markup served from asp.net pages. Your will primarily focus on the visual aspects, plumbing and creating rich widgets since there is virtually zero "domain logic" in the C1 Console client code. In addition to writing the code we also expect you to be skilled in usability and have some talent in graphical design.

When you are not working on the C1 Console you will be talking with our developer community, working on our public websites and enriching the Composite C1 platform by building starter sites (xhtml, css, functionality) and feature packages. A lot of experience in programming and website building and experience in advanced client development is a requirement.

Why apply?

This role is suited to a technology enthusiast who is looking for a long term relationship with an open source software product and a place where potential can be put to use. When working at Composite you can expect normal working hours, a decent paycheck and a technology driven friendly atmosphere where you get to nourish and follow the growth of an exciting open source project targeting web developers!

Contact us!

If this sounds like your dream job send your application and resume to maw@composite.net before noon December 13th. If you have questions regarding this position feel free to contact me at +45 28 45 40 65 and at maw@composite.net.

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