Preview the latest beta builds of Composite C1

06 December 2010

Preview the latest builds of Composite C1

Whenever we run a release build of Composite C1 it gets automatically packaged as a Web PI package and put online – this means that anyone can download it and see how Composite C1 looks fresh from the core group.

Right now we are working on version 2.1 which contain features like Chrome support, support for installing "evaluation versions" of commercial packages, a brand new Visual Editor, Windows Azure related support code and of course lots of fixes. If time permits we hope to cram in some improvements related to ASP.NET controls and master pages before we ship.

If you want to check out the fresh bits follow the steps below – but be aware that our nightly builds are not fully tested and cannot be trusted for production use.

  1. Make sure you have Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0 (Web PI) installed – ensure you have the latest release. I recommend that you also install WebMatrix as this makes the setup experience straight forward.
  2. Launch Web PI and click the "Options" link.
  3. In the "Change Options" dialog add the feed url "" and click "Add feed" and then "Ok"
  4. Select the new "Composite C1" link button at the top and install Composite C1 from there.
  5. Follow the normal installation procedure from here.

Here is a video showing you the same steps as above:

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