72 hours of developer buzz

21 December 2010

72 hours of developer buzz

Composite C1 as open source is less than 3 months old, but we are slowly getting noticed. Below is a quick digest of the latest 72 hours of Composite C1 developer buzz we could find. In quantity they reflect that we still have a community that is in its infancy, but when we read what people say we are pretty confident that quantity is just a matter of time.

"It's very strong, nice code , and easy to customize and extend and very fast ."

19. Dec. 02:11 CET

"Composite C1 on Microsoft Azure with interesting pioneering work behind http://bit.ly/gU4FTa"

19. Dec. 12:00 CET

"Now I am totally taken by storm by Composite C1 and I must say that I love the way you have structured your application for all participants in the chain of creating websites."

19. Dec. 16:26 CET

"We have created our website based on CompositeC1 whilst we were half way down using DotNetNuke"

20. Dec. 06:00 CET

"a head and shoulder above the others when talking about foundation"

20. Dec. 06:00 CET

"Composite C1 (directly available in WebMatrix) is an Open Source heavily customizable CMS in C#"

20. Dec 07:00 CET

"I love it."

20. Dec. 07:59 CET

"I just finished yet another @CompositeC1 solution, http://bit.ly/fxOzWy. C1 CMS is number 1 :)"

20. Dec. 17:15 CET

"After Umbraco creating multilanguage site with #CompositeC1 is just a dream!"

20. Dec 17:30 CET

"Just helped a friend getting started with #CompositeC1 - after 8 minutes he was sold and has started to build an online shop. :-)"

21. Dec. 00:30 CET

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