Composite C1 added to the Microsoft Web App Gallery

14 January 2011

We just entered the Microsoft Web App Showroom

We have been waiting quite some time for Microsoft's Web App gallery to become .NET 4 enabled, so we could be featured on it and we very happy to see Microsoft ship version 3 of their Web Platform Installer enabling .NET 4 apps like Composite C1 to be installed. Yesterday Microsoft also released WebMatrix which make installing and running Composite C1 so simple, that any accomplished Windows user can now easily download and evaluate the latest CMS star on the .NET open source heaven .

The Web App Gallery URL to Composite C1 is From here you can read about, download and review Composite C1. If you ever want to get Composite C1 up and running on WebMatrix within one minute, type in the following URL in your browser: - with the WebMatrix bits installed it's a pretty awesome experience.

A great thanks to all the people at Microsoft who made this release possible and of such a good quality! I blogged about WebMatrix back in August and was pretty excited back then – seeing it released make me no less excited. This is a great opportunity for web developers and open source projects alike - the more that can play along the merrier!

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