Composite C1 2.1 browser support

17 March 2011

Composite C1 2.1 browser support

In our 2.0 release the C1 Console required that you used Firefox 3.6 or Internet Explorer 7-8 and for IE users there were features missing in the source code editor. We have made a lot of changes in this area in our 2.1 release.

Chrome support

You can now use Google Chrome to run the C1 Console and compared to Firefox 3.6 and especially IE7/IE8 there are noticeable speed gains by switching to the latest Chrome.  Compared to the release candidate of Firefox 4 and the recently released IE9 Chrome doesn’t look like an improvement though.

Support for Google Chrome has been one of the most repeated feature requests we got when we went open source September 2010 and the ability to use Chrome to manage the CMS should not only be welcomed by Google Chrome fans but also for front-end developers. Typically front-end developers enjoy using Firefox and Firebug to test their markup, css and JavaScript on the front-end and actions like frequent cache flushed and having FireBug running can have a negative impact on the C1 Console performance. Doing the front-end debugging in Firefox and the C1 Console work in Chrome (or IE9 – see below) should give a more fluent and speedy development cycle.

Full Internet Explorer support

IE users were previously barred from using the advanced code editor features in the C1 Console. They now have the same features as the rest. On the performance front Microsoft has done something we haven’t seen them do for about a decade – they have released a great browser that is pretty much on par with other modern browsers. If your feelings for Internet Explorer is anything like mine (years of loathing) you are in for quite a shocker with IE9. One indication that things have changed is the fact that IE9 will load up the C1 Console noticeably faster than Chrome.

Firefox support

Firefox 3.6 is still fully supported and Firefox 4 (currently available as a Release Candidate) is also supported. Firefox 4 looks like a great improvement and in our C1 Console speed test it also beats Chrome.

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