A community update - June 2011

29 June 2011

In June, 9 months after going open source, Composite C1 became one of the four featured apps at http://www.microsoft.com/web/gallery/, a boost for the CMS that have so far gotten very positive feedback from the developer community.

Windows Azure support got two major improvements; support of hosting data on SQL Azure and the ability to very easily publish content and code changes to multiple web servers (web roles) across multiple regional hosting centers. The Composite C1 team moved one of their websites to this setup, serving the content for the C1 Console start screen from servers in Amsterdam, Singapore and Chicago. The ability to, surprisingly cheaply, run Composite C1 sites on a massive number of web servers, at different global locations, and still be able to publish new content and even code changes in a matter of minutes, is a significant new offering for companies considering using Composite C1. A case study showing the benefits of running Composite C1 on Windows Azure was also released.

A number of new packages were also released:

  • Facebook "Like" integration and commenting features.
  • A jQuery Slimbox 2 based image gallery.
  • Microsoft Translator widget, lets visitors choose a language and the your content translated
  • A Google Picasa image gallery player.
  • Simple wiki that can make a content element updateable on the public website.

People starting on new Composite C1 sites will find the "starter site" options expanded to include simple HTML focused templates and ASP.NET .master page based templates. This let seasoned ASP.NET developers, XSLT developers and HTML developers select the starting point that is ideal for them.

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