Time to start blogging again

14 June 2012

Achievement unlocked: Blog Necromancer

Last fall this blog went silent after it was moved from the community homepage to a sub page. Now is a good time to change that. We are through the 3.x code crunch and have a rock solid v3.2 out now - it hasn't generated a single critical or semi critical bug report after 3 months and 4000 downloads and we are hearty at work on new great things. My colleagues and I (and you, if have something on your heart) will pick up the pen once again and interact with y'all.

The commenting feature has also received an overhaul and now is a good time to go use it. Let us know what is on your heart, what kind of blog posts you would like to see.

Feedback, please.

And a small plea - please keep giving us feedback! Thankfully we have a few loud mouthed community members which keep reminding us we can conquer new ground, but a few is not enough. If you should happen to be expressing polite silence instead of telling us where we need to improve, please speak up.

Even if you don't have anything particular on your heart, but you have tried v3.2 please go and write a short review - tell us what is good and what is bad. This help us sanity check the direction we are heading and it helps other developers determine if Composite C1 is worth evaluating further.

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