We are hiring a core developer!

21 September 2012

We are hiring a core developer!

For our core group we are looking for a seasoned, productive and organized .NET developer who can be part of the core developer group on our open source software and enterprise offerings.

What is Composite C1?

Composite C1 is a free open source web CMS based on the Microsoft web stack and it is a relatively new software product, initiated shortly after the first tech previews of LINQ and .NET 3.5 alphas came out. Today the software is nearing its 4.0 release, is rock solid and based on recent .NET 4.5.

As such you will be working on an established, mature and technically progressive platform with a code base that reeks of “organized core group”, “stable”, “coherence” and “refactoring”. There is very little technical debt and maintenance and most of our development time is spent moving forward.

Being part of the Composite C1 core group

To be a successful member of the Composite C1 core group you need to have most of the traits that we are looking for:

  • You are a skilled .NET developer (aka “backend developer”), preferably with a deeper understanding of system and networking architecture.
  • You love designing and writing software and you love the web
  • You are pragmatic, not fond of bloated architecture or paper work, yet you can design subsystems that are lean, maintainable, easy to grasp and have a developer friendly API
  • You love refactoring code– who doesn’t?
  • You absorb new technology very easily
  • You have strong opinions on code quality, system design and framework architecture
  • You write code that your colleagues can read and understand five years from now and you object when your colleagues do not
  • You like and support the processes that make us more effective, like automated builds, code review, bug management and standup meetings
  • You are able to express yourself in English both verbally and in writing

Aside from being this super developer, we also envision our guy/gal as one who can write occasional blog posts, speak at public tech events and engage with our community first hand and online.  In short, a person who can assist in building high quality software and then go out and tell the world about it.

The software product you will be a part of

Composite C1 is freely available for download – both as source code and in binary form - and is distributed via CodePlex, Windows Web App Gallery and Azure Website Gallery.  It is one of the best rated .NET CMSs, has had more than 50.000 downloads since going open source two years ago and is powering thousands of websites today, some of these for Fortune 500 companies.

Composite C1 is free open source – this means that the source code is available online and other developers read it, have opinions about it and submit patches, feature requests and bug reports. If you feel pride in your work and like sharing what you do – and love to engage other developers and get constructive feedback – open source is a great opportunity!

The CMS platform primarily focuses on web technology, but also has most of ASP.NET covered through support for things like Web Forms, Razor, MVC, .master pages, Web API and XSLT.

What to expect

The code base was started on .NET 3.5 and runs on .NET 4.5 today. You will be working with technologies and tools like C#, Workflow Foundation, LINQ expression tree transformations, dynamic code generation/compilation, Parallel Task Library, Windows Azure, web technology, TFS and Visual Studio. Unless you actually master and like web/UI development you won’t be doing that.

Thanks to a very good relation with Microsoft, we have a rich opportunity to get early access to technology, attend training sessions at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, speak at events and partake in technical adoption programs. This not only allows us to evaluate emerging technology and progress our platform where it makes sense, it also makes for a more interesting workplace.

You will work full time in Copenhagen, Denmark, in a relaxed developer environment and you will be working closely with your core group colleagues and 6 other colleagues working with management, technical writing, QA, support and add-on development.

Now what?

Are you interested? Send me a mail at maw@composite.net with questions or send me an application and your CV.

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