Patch 3 available for Composite C1 3.2

25 October 2012

Patch 3 available for Composite C1 3.2

We have released a third patch for Composite C1 addressing a layout error introduced by a Google Chrome update and an issue where content from another language could end up on a page in very special situations.

The patch is accumulative meaning you get all available patches for Composite 3.2 by installing this latest one. Also, this patch is automatically applied when new Composite C1 3.2 sites are created.

Installing the patch

You install the patch via the C1 Console – go to the System perspective, open Packages | Available Packages | Composite.Updates, invoke the info screen for the patch and click “Install”.

If you do not see any patches in the Composite.Updates folder you are up to date or running another version than 3.2.

Chrome layout issue

Modal dialogs in the C1 Console were affected by a recent Google Chrome update, introducing a margin around the dialog window, squeezing content a bit and destroying the polished experience.

How doalogs look bad in chrome without the patch

Issue with multi lingual sites

A periodic issue affecting multi lingual sites sporting the Language Switcher function has also been fixed. On multi core machines the Language Switcher could affect other functions running in parallel, making them fetch content from another language.

This issue was introduced in patch 1 and is related to managing data scopes across threads.

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