Get IE10 support with Patch 4

06 March 2013

We have released Patch 4 for Composite C1 v3.2 which adds support for Internet Explorer 10. You can install the patch from within the C1 Console. Go to “System | Packages | Available Packages | Composite.Updates” and you will find the patch.

IE7 and IE8 no longer supported. IE9 and IE10 a lot faster.

Internet Explorer has changed a lot since IE7 and IE8 and with IE10 it has become a quite decent and standards compliant web browser. Previously we had a lot of code in the C1 Console that “hacked IE into submissions” in order to deliver the fairly advanced UI we have and this code was at odds with IE10. Getting our code base to play nice with both IE7 and IE10 was simply a problem.

This left us with the choice of either ending support for older IE versions (and cleaning out most IE related hacks) or adding more IE hacks. IE7 and IE8 is fading away fast and supporting them would be extremely costly and continue to have a negative effect on users running the more modern IE9 and IE10 versions.

We opted for supporting IE in standards mode which means that IE7 and IE8 support is now gone and IE9 and IE10 will run the C1 Console a lot faster than previously.

This patch also fixes an issue where previewing a page from the page editor's preview tab would crash Internet Explorer 9 if the previewed page contained CSS using custom fonts (.eot) files.

These changes are also part of our upcoming 4.0 release.

Source code

Since we do not have our patch branches available on CodePlex we cant provide you with the source code in that environment, but you can download the patch 4 source code right here.

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