New 4.0 documentation

21 June 2013

With the recent release of Composite C1 v. 4.0, lots of new features were introduced in this CMS. And we've just finished reflecting most of them in our documentation.


First of all, we've restructured our developer documentation website, the top areas now practically mirroring the perspectives in the C1 Console.

Two new areas - "Layout" and "Functions" - have replaced "HTML/CSS", "XSLT" and "ASP.NET", and the "Configuration" section has been promoted to the top area of its own.


Second, the new features such as Razor and Master Page templates, Razor and User Control functions were documented. So you should be fully equipped now.

Here is the list of our latest new documentation additions:


And finally, we've updated some existing documentation incorporating some quick information about new features such as:

Enjoy :)

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