We're hiring: Senior JavaScript Engineer

10 July 2015

Help us conquer the wørld!

We develop an open source web platform and CMS called Composite C1 and we are looking for a few likable, skilled and senior developers for our Composite C1 core team. Among those, we are looking for a JavaScript engineer so we can boost the C1 Console (our admin web application) to new heights.

The candidate we are looking for would identify as a frontend developer, but with emphasis on the following aspects:

  • a strong command of vanilla JavaScript and modern browsers
  • ability to author structured client-libraries and frameworks
  • a keen eye on popular and emerging frontend technologies
  • ability to communicate opinions and visions

The tasks involved in this job are those tasks that spring out of developing an open source web platform, which can span things like evaluating pull requests, forum posts and issue report to bringing about wiz bang amazing new APIs and UI in the C1 Console.

The emphasis is on building the front-end of the C1 Console. Building tooling, so you and other front-end developers easily and consistently can extend the CMS with new applications. On top of this, you will be building advanced applications and UI that (when generic) become part of Composite C1 or (when specialized) are shipped as add-ons. You will work alongside two other senior front-end developers.

The job will be dominated by the following tasks:

  • Extending the (well-structured and clean) JS library behind the C1 Console
  • Design, define and extend client frameworks for rapid data oriented UI development
  • Building UI and feature applications big and small
  • Refactoring around the web platform

In return for all of this, we will give you our warmest welcome in our core group, an engaging and friendly workplace, a super nice community, the ability to attend/speak at conferences, a high degree of influence on our work and a benefit plan that match your skills.

If you think we should talk, please send me (Marcus Wendt) questions or a resume on e-mail or Skype – maw@composite.net before September 13th 2015.