Orckestra acquire Composite - and C1 is still open source

08 September 2015

Earlier today, we announced that Orckestra has acquired Composite, the company driving the open source project Composite C1. Here at Composite we are excited about today’s news. We are becoming a part of an innovative force within enterprise commerce software and we are gaining a stronghold in North America.

Some of you may wonder how enterprise and open source will mix. To make sure there are no misunderstandings, here is what the future holds for the open source project Composite C1:

The Composite C1 open source project will grow stronger under the wings of Orckestra. You will see more activity, developer tooling and high-end features, thanks to the new colleagues, resources and expertise Orckestra bring to our work. This and a real contender in the commerce and enterprise space is what we will be shipping soon.

Earlier today we pushed a massive source code update to the Composite C1 project, including a brand new user interface.

More focus on enterprise features

We have always had commercial offerings to supplement the fully featured open course core of Composite C1 and we will continue to do so. As a Composite C1 user and community member, you will see increased developer activity, not only on the free and open sourced core, but also as more and stronger commercial offerings, especially targeting enterprise and commerce content management.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us through all of this. Today is a great day and Composite C1 is stronger than ever.

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