We are on GitHub

16 October 2015

Finally? Yes! We have moved our source code to GitHub!

This change makes it a lot easier for you to contribute to Composite C1, fork us, browse our source code, and it will enable you to follow our progress up close.

Go ahead and fork, watch and star us at GitHub.com/Orckestra/C1-CMS.

Is this a big deal? We sure think so!

This allows us to better connect with you people at the source code level. Not just a little bit, but a lot. While our daily routines are still business as usual, GitHub will give you much better tools to engage with us through comments, insights and contributions.

Follow the development up close

Previously we used Team Foundation Server (TFS) internally and periodically synchronized large chunks to TFS at CodePlex as a single check-in. While this was technically open source, it was hard for you to do code reviews and thus give us feedback.

Now every single check-in done by developers on the core team is uniquely identifiable. This is not only true for all future work, but even for every single code check-in done in the past 5 years.

Fork us and contribute

Grab Visual Studio Community 2015 and GitHub Extension for Visual Studio 2015 - all for free – and make your first fork of Composite C1. Now we have the tools and the code versioning system to do open source right :)

What about CodePlex?

We have many good discussion threads and feature requests on our CodePlex site and we will keep it alive so this information is still available. And we will keep on being active on the CodePlex forum. But for anything source code related – commenting on check-ins, submitting bug reports and pull requests or suggesting improvements, please use GitHub.  

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