Lots of features for developers

Learn more about the development features in C1 CMS.

ASP.NET Support

Get the full power of .NET Framework when rendering content or extending and customizing websites or C1 CMS itself.

Bundling & Minification

Optimize your website by bundling and minifying all the scripts and stylesheets on it. Make the pages on your website load and render faster.

Form Builder

Build well-designed, mobile-friendly and accessible web forms and adapt their submit logic to your needs.

This feature is available in these subscriptions:

  • Developer
  • Business
  • Premium

Master Pages Support

Feel comfortable in C1 CMS with familiar technologies such as ASP.NET Master Pages and get more out of an ASP.NET-based CMS. Use Master Pages along with, or in place of XHTML-based page layout templates.

MVC Support

Integrate your MVC applications in C1 CMS. Turn them into regular CMS Functions or use them via MVC Player.

Open Source

Use C1 CMS's open source code to tailor to your specific needs. 
Employ C1 CMS API and open architecture to get a website of your dream.

Page Debugging Tool

Get a performance report on a page and identify which CMS Functions take the most time to render on this page.

Razor Support

Transform and render content on your website using cutting-edge technologies such as Razor. Create and use Razor functions as you do with any other CMS Functions. Create and use Razor-based templates along with Master Pages and XML templates.

Rendering Functions

Use functions to render content on your web pages. Create rendering functions in any way you feel convenient about – Visual, C#, XSLT, Razor, ASP.NET User Control or SQL.

SQL Support

Create and use SQL functions to render content on web pages. Use Microsoft SQL Server database as a data store for your website.

User Controls

Create your custom ASP.NET User Controls and use them throughout your website to enhance interaction and user experience.

XML Support

Create and use XSLT functions to render content on web pages. Directly edit XHTML in web pages and layout templates. Use XML flat files as a data store for your website.

XSLT Support

Use XSLT to flexibly transform your XML data into the content and appearance you exactly expect on your website.