Power to the editors

C1 CMS makes life easier for the editors.

Content Reuse

Keep reusable information in one place. Use it in multiple places to reduce your work and ensure consistency of the information across your website.

Content Styling

Apply various style classes to the elements on a web page such as paragraphs, headings, images, tables or links.

Content Versioning

Control versions of the content you create and edit. Always have a choice of "going back in time".

This feature is available in these subscriptions:

  • Business
  • Premium

Microsoft Word Support

Create your content in a Microsoft Word Document if you need to. Simply paste it in C1 CMS WYSIWYG Editor keeping original formatting and getting neat markup.

Multiple Page Layouts

Use different layouts for pages with different content purposes. Experiment with layouts by switching them on the fly to see which layout fits a page best.

Page Preview

Preview pages when a layout template is applied or dynamic content is rendered. See what the pages will look like before saving or publishing them.

Page Types

Save time when creating pages for specific content such as blogs, image galleries or event calendars by selecting page types you need and having them do part of the work for you.

Publication Workflow

Arrange the process of content publication as a sequence of several steps and have people with different roles to take these steps in a specific order.

SEO Assistant

Optimize your website for search engines. Improve its positions in the search results. Ensure more relevant visitors to your website.


Make sure your content is correct and has no misspelled words with instant spell-checking regardless the language (in Firefox and IE10 only).

Structured Content

Some content such as product lists or news items can consists of a number of elements that share the same structure. Keep this content in a structured way, which is similar to how you can store and access your data in database tables.

Undo Changes

Undo unwelcome changes in a web page to roll back to its latest published version.

Visual Functions

Use visual functions to add globally available reusable content. Create the functions without programming skills or need for training.


Create and edit web pages without XHTML skills with Visual Editor. Ensure that edited and formatted content on a page will look exactly the same in the user's web browser.

XHTML Validation

Miss no errors while editing the XHTML source code. Have your code compliant with XHTML standards.