What about security?

C1 CMS is nothing if not secure.

Access Control

Distribute the responsibility for content management among different user groups. Control what content or features the user groups can access in the CMS Console.

Global Permissions

Allow the users to do only specific tasks by assigning them permissions for operations valid across the entire system.

Local Permissions

Allow users to do specific tasks by assigning them permissions locally for operations on individual items.

CMS Console Access

Control access to the CMS Console by forcing it via secure connection only or disable the access altogether.

CMS Console Login Limits

Limit the number of failed login attempts for the CMS Console users by locking their accounts if the threshold is exceeded.

Password Expiration

Enable password expiration for he CMS Console users and have them change their passwords regularly.

Password Strength

Control the password strength for the CMS Console users. Set rules for its minimum length, used character sets and more.