A great user experience

We prioritize a good user experience.

Context Help

Get quick information on what a field or control is for or what input is expected from you. Be guarded from wrong steps by user-friendly messages.

Cross Browser Compliance

Work on your web design and content in the most commonly used web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Customizable Visual Editor

Adjust Visual Editor's capabilities to your needs by customizing what and how you can style and format with it.

Device Preview

When viewing pages in the browser view, select between different device sizes to see how your pages adapt on devices like phones and tablets.

Extendible CMS Console

Extend the CMS Console with  console applications to have frequently used data and tools at hand, where you need and the way you need.

Familiar UI

Focus on the content you are authoring by working in a familiar word-processing environment rather than on the technologies used behind websites and web pages.

GUI Localization

Have the CMS Console GUI in your language or make it in your language.

Instant Editing

Edit a page instantly while browsing your website in the CMS Console.

One Layer UI

Navigate and access most areas in the CMS Console with a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Be always clear about what you can do and where exactly in the system.

Page Based Overview

Get an instant overview of your website structure while creating web content. Build up the content hierarchy within your website in a simple and intuitive way.

Web Based CMS

Use a web browser all the way to create and bring your websites online.


Get through all complex processes in website and content management with intelligent wizards.