Business Plan

Select the Business plan if you're planning to use a single server, want to get support from the C1 CMS team, automatic upgrades, bug fix warranty, unlimited subsites and access to all non-scale add-ons.

Full CMS functionality

C1 CMS is distributed as a fully featured CMS. C1 CMS features are exactly the same no matter what plan you choose. Only the services are different.

Automatic upgrades

The C1 CMS upgrade tool makes it easy and quick to upgrade a C1 CMS installation. Learn more.

Bug fix warranty

Get the benefits of commercial software - the product warranty. We'll provide you with patches that fix reported bugs within 3-14 working days. For critical and security related issues.

Deployment Manager

One click deployment of changes from one environment to another, using the Azure Publisher. The Azure Publisher will mirror an environemtn 100%, migrating content and code changes automatically.

All Business Plan add-ons included

You have access to all free and non-scale commercial add-ons created by the C1 CMS team. Visit our Add-on Market for more info.


Professional support for end-users, developers, sysadmins that covers 20 incidents. ZenDesk helpdesk. Direct access to the C1 CMS core team.

Guaranteed response time: 0-24 hrs.
Access : 9 am – 4 pm CET, Mon-Fri.

Single C1 CMS live installation

A single C1 CMS live installation is covered by this agreement.

You are free to...

  • create any number of internal staging and development copies
  • create as many top-level domains in the same installation as you please

Two C1 CMS Installationsare considered different if they have different installation IDs or contain different data in a live environment.

Unlimited subsites

Host multiple subsites with unique host names within one installation.

Valid for 12 months

The license is valid for 12 month.

Minimum 12 month subscriptions for all plans. All prices are excluding VAT. Orckestra is not responsible for typographical errors and reserves the right to make changes without notice.