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Access to the v5.0 upgrade package

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Save the upgrade fee      

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The C1 CMS team will help you do the actual upgrade ~YesYes

Access to all add-ons;
Subsite Manager, Content Versioning, Newsletter, Extranet and more

Azure elastic / global scale / Load-balancing~~Yes

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Enjoy the v5.0 Experience

This is what we offer:

Free access to all add-ons

All add-ons are now available to Business and Premium subscribers. They are free and no longer sold on a standalone basis. The Add-on Market.

Upgrade to v5.0 and let us help you do it

Save the upgrade fee and have the C1 CMS team take care of the actual upgrade to v5.
The Upgrade calculator will tell you how much you save. Normally you will pay for the size of your upgrade, equal to the time you waited.

2-year subscription half-price

Get a year of subscription for free.


Subscribe and get professional support with a 24-hour response time.

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This offer is valid until June 1.

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Check all the new features in Version 5. Thank you for using C1 CMS.