Version history

Every new release and update for C1 CMS comes packed with cool new features that makes the CMS even better. Check out some of the changes in the latest major releases.

C1 CMS 6.5

This is another minor release that has been upgraded to the WampSharp library release version and allows preview text type files in the C1 Console browser as well as contains several bug fixes. Learn more

C1 CMS 6.4

This is a minor release that comes with a number of bug fixes and requires an upgrade to .NET Framework 4.7.1 or later. Learn more

C1 CMS 6.3

This is a minor release that contains bug fixes and performance improvements as well as introduces a few extension points to support a new package - Orckestra.Media.CdnPublisher that enables configuring a C1 CMS website to serve static and media files via Azure CDN. Learn more

C1 CMS 6.2

This release brings about new features in the CMS Console and Content Search areas and overall performance and memory optimizations, giving an all around speed improvement and critical performance improvements for sites with a vey large amount of pages. Learn more

C1 CMS 6.1

This release also bring new search features and developers have access to the new language features in C# 7. Learn more

C1 CMS 6.0

CMS users now have build-in search in the console, visual components for much easier access to adding features and functions to content. Web developers can surface advanced faceted search, build components and use the new Container Class feature to tailor the user experience when editing content. Learn more

C1 CMS 5.5

This is a service release with minor improvements that includes more stable CMS function previews in Visual Editor, a faster initial CMS setup and support for data updates by add-ons. Learn more

C1 CMS 5.4

This is a minor release, following up on v. 5.3, introducing support for bulk uploading files to the website file system, a small improvement to the hierarchical selector and a new command for Nightwatch.js API to test file uploads. Learn more

C1 CMS 5.3

This is the first release of the system as C1 CMS after changing the name from Composite C1. It comes with features such as duplication of pages and data, one of the latest .NET Framework version required and automated end-to-end testing. Learn more

Composite C1 5.2

Version 5.2 introduces a number of API-level features and data layer changes in the core, which enable support for storing multiple versions of data. This equips developers with the tools to create advanced multi-version content publication features via add-ins. Learn more

Composite C1 5.1

Version 5.1 is a service release, which brings bulk publishing, time zone support, new widgets and UI enhancements - to users, as well as customized UI and logic for data management actions on pages and other content items, the use and creation of add-ons that can update existing data - to developers. Learn more

Composite C1 5.0

With the new UI features, such as the brand new CMS Console or the browser view, and improved developer tooling, such as even better support for MVC, DI on C1 function parameters or mapping data items to URLs to tree elements, Composite C1 5.0 is a big leap forward in terms of delivering an enterprise-grade CMS solution. Learn more

Composite C1 4.3

Version 4.3 comes with a substantial performance boost, and adds value to both user and developer experiences with scheduled data publishing, RTL support in GUI, enhanced password policy, image resizing options in Razor, improved page caching and more. Learn more

Composite C1 4.2

Function previews in Visual Editor and user-friendly editing of function parameters are just a few new features available in the latest version of Composite C1. Learn more

Composite C1 4.1

4.1 is the next step in the enhancements and improvements brought to you by the recently released version 4.0. Even more features like drag'n'drop for media files in Visual Editor, support for external media sources treated like its own media archives, IE11 support, Bootstrap 3 based starter sites, .NET 4.5, and a lot more. Learn more

Composite C1 4.0

4.0 is the 2nd big milestone release since we open-sourced in 2010, introducing - among other new features - built-in Razor and Master Page templates, Razor and User Control functions, the Block Selector in Visual Editor, and new Bootstrap-based starter sites. Learn more

Composite C1 3.2

3.2 saw the addition of the community requested save and publish button for editors and enhanced social media integration and much more. Learn more

Composite C1 3.0

3.0 introduced features such as instant image and document upload to websites and new starter sites for developers. Learn more