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Extranet Developer Guide


This guide is intended for Web and C# developers who want to customize or extend the Extranet add-on as well as learn how its security works.

The Extranet add-on securely protects your websites by only allowing users registered in your extranet to access or view web pages and media not intended for general public access.

For information about using the Extranet add-on, please refer to the ExtranetUser Guide.

In this guide you will learn how to create custom extranet providers by integrating them with external databases as well as learn about the Extranet Facade methods that will allow you to programmatically manage as well as customize and extend the out-of-the-box Extranet add-on. You will also have an overview of security used in this add-on.

For creating custom extranet providers as well as using the Extranet Facade methods, you should be proficient in C#/.NET programming. Additionally you should know the API of a 3rd-party database application you want to integrate with Extranet via your custom extranet providers.

Before You Start

You should make sure that you have the following prerequisites in place before you start the guide:

  • You have installed and configured the latest version of C1 CMS
  • You are using a test C1 CMS installation that you can safely experiment with.
  • You have installed and configured the latest version of The Extranet add-on on this test C1 CMS installation instance.

Important: You should never use the production environment for learning purposes while trying the examples and following the instructions in this guide.

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