C1 CMS Foundation

The foundation of C1 CMS is open source, driven by Orckestra and community on GitHub.
Like the source code, the architecture, forums and documentation are open too.

C1 CMS Foundation is Free Open Source

When you install C1 CMS Foundation you get unprincipled software. You are free to use it in your business and the source code is available online.

On this website you will find resources for the community and by the community around C1 CMS Foundation - and we would like to encourage you to get involved and help this project continue to grow.

Source code

Octocat showing off Orckie!

Forum and issue tracker

If you have questions, comments, ideas or if you found a bug please join the community discussions.

ChatIssue Tracker

Get involved!

It's free as in freedom and even free as in free beer and it's cutting edge.

We don't do brochures or ads - instead we try to build awesome software which people recommend.

By translating C1 CMS Foundation into your native language you can make it reach a whole new audience.


Open Source means the source code - and thus the power to correct problems, grow and enchance C1 CMS - is available to anyone.

Build better solutions through open knowledge sharing and non-profit driven inovation ✊

It is our CMS and you are free to use it.