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How to use Web API on a C1 CMS Website

  1. Install Composite.AspNet.WebAPI.
  2. In Visual Studio, create and build a project that implements Web API.
  3. Copy the built DLL to /Bin.
  4. If necessary, create the client code using JSON that will access data via Web API.

For example, you can create a Web API that will allows users to access product data and perform standard CRUD operations on those products.

For the client you can create a C1 CMS Razor function that allows users to add, edit or delete and list products, and add it to a dedicated page on your website.

You can also access the data as http://{website}/api/{data}. (e.g. http://contoso.com/api/products)

For sample code, please see Example 1: CRUD using JavaScript.

For more information on using Web API, please see http://www.asp.net/web-api/.