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Created by Orckestra

How to add the rating feature to pages

  1. Edit a page or a template.
  2. Insert the Composite.Community.Raty function ( Insert | Function) or add the code:
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  3. Set one or more parameters:
    • RatyId: The GUID of a data item (a page, an image, a media file etc) to rate. The current page ID by default.
    • Half: When 'True', a half -star can be displayed and selected; otherwise, a single star. A half-star ('True') by default.
    • Number: The number of stars to present. 5 by default.
    • ReadOnly: When 'True', the stars are read-only and cannot be selected. 'False' by default.

The "RatyId" can be set programmatically when calling the Composite.Community.Raty function from another function (for example, to rate a number of images on a page).