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Created by Orckestra

How to create an editable page

To quickly create an Wiki-like editable page on a CMS Website:

  1. Create a page.
  2. Select the WikiPage page type for it.

The page will use the "Wiki" template that comes with the package and that uses the function Composite.Community.Wiki.SimpleWiki to implement the Wiki-like functionality on a page based on this template.

If you want to add this functionality to existing pages:

  1. Edit a page.
  2. Change its current template to the "Wiki" template (or any template that implements this feature).
  3. Save and publish the page.

How to create a template for editable pages

If you want to create or update a template to work as a template for Wiki-like editable pages:

  1. In the Layout perspective, create or edit a template.
  2. Locate the default content placeholder (e.g. <rendering:placeholder id="content"title="Content"default="true"/>).
  3. Wrap the default content placeholder with the Composite.Community.Wiki.SimpleWikifunction by using:
    • the default placeholder element (<rendering:placeholder />) as the value for the Content parameter (nested)
    • the placeholder ID as the value for the PlaceholderId parameter (e.g. "content").
  4. If necessary, specify the optional parameters:
    • EditingEnabled: When 'true', the content area is editable; otherwise, editing is disabled (the content is shown without the 'edit this' feature). 'True' by default. (Typically some logic can set this to true/false, based on whether someone is validated or not.)
    • ContentCss: The stylesheet to use for the editable content. "/Frontend/Styles/VisualEditor.common.css" by default.

Important notes

  • The Content parameter of the Composite.Community.Wiki.SimpleWiki function must be set to a content placeholder element. The element must be nested within the Content parameter element in the template's markup.