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How to add an image rotator on a page

  1. In the Layout or Content perspective, insert the Composite.Media.ImageRotator function ( Insert > Function) or add the following code:
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  2. Specify the required parameter:
    • Media Folder: Specify the media folder with images to rotate on a page (for example, "/images") or set the value to "/" if you want to select images from the media archive's root directory.
  3. If necessary, set these optional parameters:
    • Image Count: The number of images to show at a time (1 by default)
    • Use Animated Rotation: When 'True' and the number of images is greater than one (Image Count > 1), the images will rotate as a slideshow without a page being refreshed. 'False' by default.

Important Notes

Because of page caching, a randomly selected image might not change on a particular page when refreshed (F5) until the cache expires.


The layout can be customized via the style sheets (/Frontend/Composite/Media/ImageRotator/Styles.css).