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How to add a Dropdown navigation menu to a website

  1. On the Content tab of a page, the Markup Code tab of a template or the Template tab of an XSLT function, insert the Composite.Navigation.Dropdown function ( Insert > Function), or add the following code:
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  2. If necessary, specify its optional parameters:
    • Starting Level: The pages tree level the drop-down menu starts to display items from ("1" by default).
    • Subpages Depth: The depth of subpages to display in the drop-down menu ("2" by default).
    • Include Parent Page: If this option is selected, the parent page will be displayed in the menu ("False" (No) by default).

Note: You can override the default values by changing the Value Type to specify a simple value.


You can customize the layout of the drop-down menu by editing its style sheet: