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Created by Orckestra

C1 CMS Versions supported

This package requires CMS version 2.0 or newer (Build: 2.0.3919.5834).

Launch the CMS Console, then open the top menu item “Help” and click “About C1 CMS”.

Pre-Installation Steps

  1. Before you install and use the package, you need to make sure that:
    • The Certificate Server is installed on the target server with IIS.
    • A proper certificate is installed on the server. You might need to request the certificate with a certificate issuing company such as VeriSign , or generate your own certificate (particularly, for testing purposes) by using ad-hoc utilities such as openssl or SelfSSL .
    • SSL is configured on IIS for your website.
  2. For testing purposes, you can follow the guidelines in: Enabling SSL on IIS 7.0 Using Self-Signed Certificates

Installation steps

  1. Log into the CMS Console as an administrator.
  2. Go to the "System" perspective.
  3. Open the folders “Packages” | “Available Packages” | " Composite.Navigation".
  4. Select " Composite.Navigation.HttpsEnforcer" and click “Install”.
  5. Complete the wizard.

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