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How to add a sitemap to your website

  1. In Visual Editor, insert the Composite.Navigation.LevelSitemap function ( Insert > Function), or in Code Editor, add the following code ( Insert > Function Markup):  Expand code
  2. If necessary, specify its optional parameters:
  • Starting Level: The level to start the sitemap from ("1" by default).
  • Subpages Depth: The depth of subpages to display in the sitemap ("2" by default).
  • Show Parent Page: If this option is selected, the parent page will be displayed in the sitemap ("False" (No) by default).
  • Navigation Class: The value of the "class" attribute of the <div> element used with the sitemap ("sitemap" by default). For example, if NavigationClass is set to "sitemap", it will look like <div class="sitemap"><ul>…</ul></div> in the source code.


You can customize the sitemap's layout by editing its style sheets: