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Have simple page search on your website

The Simple Page Search add-on allows the users to search pages on a website. It is easy to install and does not require any additional 3rd-party product.

Media files, data types and dynamically generated content are not included in the search results. If your site contains global data or other 'non-page' data that also requires search, you should consider using a more advanced search package.

Starting from C1 CMS v6.0 it uses the new search API when Orckestra.Search.LuceneNET package is installed, which provides:

1) Improved search performance on websites with lots of content (thousands of pages).

2) Enables searching content stored in custom data types. Requires URL support to be configured for those data types.

Starting from C1 CMS v6.1 and with the latest Orckestra.Search.LuceneNET also provides:

1) Searching in dynamically generated content

2) Searching in media files (with  Orckestra.Search.MediaContentIndexing installed).

3) Search results highlighting

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