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Created by Orckestra

How to check for broken links

  1. In the "Content" perspective right-click "Websites".
  2. Select "Link Checker" in the shortcut menu.

The "Broken Links" view will open in the right part of the CMS Console:

  • If there are no broken links, the view will read "No broken links found".
  • If there are broken links, the page tree will be displayed and the broken links will be listed under the affected page.

Each broken link will be listed as a link text and the type of a broken link in parentheses. It distinguishes and indicates five types of broken links:

  • No parentheses next to the link text if it is an external broken link, e.g. 'http://dsdsdsdsdsdsdsd.com'
  • '(page does not exist)' if a CMS Page doesn't exist
  • '(page is not published)' if a CMS Page exists but not published yet
  • '(internal link is broken)' if an internal relative link doesn't exists, e.g. '~/Front-End'
  • '(media file does not exist)' if a media file does not exist in the Media Archive

Note: The Link Checker tool checks published CMS Pages only.