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Created by Orckestra

Create your own packages and reuse them on other CMS sites

The Package Creator allows you to right-click an item in one of the perspectives in the CMS Console  and add it to a package, then create and download the package as a ZIP file when done. You can add the following items to the package:

  • Flat files (like CSS, JS, CS, ASPX, PNG, etc)
  • Whole directory structures
  • Layout templates
  • The entire media archive or individual media folders with files
  • Global data types, page data folders and Page meta types
  • All or individual data items from data types
  • Razor, XSLT, User Control and C# functions
  • Pages as page trees
  • Configuration settings from ~\Web.config and ~\App_Data\Composite\Composite.config
  • CMS Console GUI localizations

You can also exclude individual data items of various types from packages.

Note: If you have created a package which you would like to share with other CMS developers, you can submit it at our Add-On Market.

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