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How to migrate an XML-based data store to an SQL Server database

The following is the scenario for migrating an XML-based CMS Website to Microsoft SQL Server. You should make a backup of your solution before you do this.

  1. Create an empty database on Microsoft SQL Server (e.g. "DemоDB"). (It will be used for the connection string in Step 6).
  2. Create a user with the DBO access to this database. (It will be used for the connection string in Step 6).
  3. Install the Composite.Tools.SqlServerDataProvider package.
  4. After the console has reloaded, switch to the System perspective.
  5. Select SqlServer Data Provider and click Convert to SQL on the toolbar.
  6. In the wizard, specify the connection string (e.g. "Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Database=DemoDB;Integrated Security=True;"  or "Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Database=DemoDB;User Id=user;Password=password;"), click Next and wait until Orckestra CMS finishes validation
  7. In the next step, click Finish and wait for SQL Server Data Provider to complete the migration.
  8. Click OK in the "Data Store migration completed".

The CMS Administrative Console will reload.

Now your website runs on an SQL Server database.