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How to use HTML iFrame

  1. From the Content or Layout perspective, insert the Composite.Web.Html.IFrame function ( Insert > Function), or add the following code:
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  2. In the URL to load ("Src") parameter, specify the URL of the HTML document you want to load within the inline frame.
  3. Set up other optional parameters:
  • HTML height ("Height"): The height of the inline frame, which is the value of the height attribute on the iframe element (600, by default)
  • HTML id ("Id"): The programmatic ID of the iframe element used to access the IFrame from  JavaScript (blank ("no ID"), by default)
  • HTML class ("Class"): The CSS class (or classes) of the iframe element (blank ("no class"), by default)


You can customize the layout by editing the style sheet (/Frontend/Composite/Web/Html/IFrame/Styles.css).