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Created by Orckestra

After installing the package, rebuild the search index (upper right corner, settings, "Rebuild search index")

For PDF file indexing, install Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended - or  a PDF IFilter you know is working) on the machine(s) where the website is hosted. A IIS restart may be needed for the IFIlter to be available to the web application.

Trouble shooting

If content from media files, like PDFs, are not indexed as expected, you can trouble shoot like this:

  1. See if the .txt files in ~/App_Data/Composite/Cache/MediaContentIndexing as mostly empty (1KB or less in size)
  2. For such files, the IFIlter service did not return any text - if you see this, you should trouble shoot the IFilter installation.
  3. If text files do contain content texts, the IFilter service for the original document type is working and you should ensure your search include CMS Media Files