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Have search on your website

The Website Search add-on enable visitors on your website to search for pages, media files and custom content elements, like blog posts, using a standard free text query. The underlying search engine (Lucene.NET by default) delivers high quality search results and has support for features like stemming, faceted search and synonyms.

Via the UI you can choose to configure the search to target only specific content types and you can easily enable faceted search support and allow users to filter results based on the facets you choose, like last updated date, blog tags or custom facets on your own content types, like ingredients on a recipe.

You can insert the add-on multiple places on your website, and configure each search page to target specific content. For instance, you can use this add-on to create a local search page, searching a specific content element, like blog posts or food recipes.

Other features include keyword highlighting in search results, ability to search the current website or all subsites and seamless content language support.

The Website Search add-on will automatically include custom content data types, provided your content types can map to a URL.

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