icon Facebook Page Plugin
Created by Orckestra

How to embed a Facebook page on your website

  1. Edit a page.
  2. Insert:
    1. the "Facebook Page Plugin" component (Components | Social),
    2. or the Orckestra.Social.Facebook.PagePlugin function ( Insert > Function),
    3. or the following code on the page:
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  3. Specify the page URL in the Facebook Page URL (URL) parameter.
  4. If necessary, set the optional parameters in the Options:
    • Adapt to plugin container width: Tries to adapt to the container's width (enabled by default)
    • Show Friends' Faces: Displays profile photos in the page plugin's box (enabled by default).
    • Use Small Header:Shows a small (smaller in height) header (disabled by default)
    • Hide Cover Photo: Hides the Facebook header at the top of the page plugin's box (disabled by default, i.e. the cover photo is shown).
    • Show Posts: Displays the latest posts from the page's wall (enabled by default).
  5. If necessary, select which tabs to show in the Tabs parameter: "Timeline", "Events", "Messages" ("Timeline" by default)

    Note. The maximum width of the page plugin's box is limited to 500px.