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Created by Orckestra

Showing social media links as icons

You can choose which buttons to show. If don't specify a web address to your account, channel etc on a specific social media service, its button will not be displayed.

  1. Edit a page or a layout template.
  2. Insert:
    1. the "Social Follow Links" component (Components | Social),
    2. or the Composite.Social.Instagram.User.RecentPhotos function ( Insert / Function),
    3. or the following code:   Expand code
  3. Specify full links to your accounts, channels, profiles etc on social media services of your choice in the respective fields.
  4. Change these parameters if necessary:
    • Size: The size of social media icons: small, medium (default), large.
    • ColorStyle: The color style of the social media icons: light (default), dark, colored
    • FormStyle: The form style of the social media icons: square (default), rounded (radius-5px), circle
    • Is Collapsed: If checked ("true"), the links will be collapsed into a single drop-down button on small screens. Unchecked ("false") by default.