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How to animate content on a page

To animate content:

  1. Edit a page.
  2. Insert the Composite.Web.Html.Animate function ( Insert | Function) or add the following code:
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  3. Set these parameters:
    • Content to Animate (Content): The content to animate
    • Animation Name (Animation): One of the pre-defined animation styles. "shake" by default.
    • Action to Animate (AnimateAction): One of the pre-defined events for animation:
      • page-load: Animated when the page loads. Default.
      • hover: Animated when the content is hovered over.
      • appear: Animated when the content appears on a page, normally, when the page scrolled down to the content.
    • Animation Duration (Duration): The duration of animation in seconds. 1 by default.
    • Animation Delay (Delay): The delay before animation in milliseconds. 0 by default.
    • Loop Animation (IsInfinite) : If enabled ("true"), the animation will repeat endlessly. Disabled ("false") by default.