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Created by Orckestra

How to show content in Bootstrap Carousel

First of all, add the carousel items to the page where you want them to show up:

  1. On the "Content" perspective, select a page.
  2. Add the "Bootstrap Carousel Items" page data folder to the page (right-click > Add Datafolder > Bootstrap Carousel Items > Finish.)

Next, add two or more items:

  1. Below the page, select "Bootstrap Carousel Items" and click "Add Data" on the toolbar.
  2. Fill out the fields of the form:
    • Slide Name: The name of the slide item to identify it on the tree.
    • Slide Image:  An image to use as main content for the slide item.
    • Slide Caption: (optional) Add captions to your slides as any HTML.
    • Order:  The position of the slide.
  3. If necessary, control its publication status and schedule.

Finally, add the rendering function on the page:

  1. Edit a page.
  2. Insert the Orckestra.Web.Html.BootstrapCarousel function ( Insert | Function) or component with name Bootstrap Carousel.
  3. Specify the optional parameters:
    • Display Options: The options, where you can select to show or hide slide indicators or navigation controls. Also you can select to use full page width to place the carousel.
    • Include Bootstrap Carousel Styles and Javascript: If you site uses Boostrap Framework, then you can skip that parameter. If not, then check it, and the corresponding CSS and Javascript files will be included. False by default.