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How to add a link buttons on a page

To add a link button:

  1. Edit a page.
  2. Insert:
    1. the "Link Button" component (Components | Page Blocks),
    2. or the Orckestra.Web.Html.LinkButton function ( Insert | Function),
    3. or add the following code:
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  3. Set these parameters:
    • Button Text: Text that appears on the button
    • Button URL: An URL to redirect the user to when the button is clicked
    • Button Style: One of the pre-defined color style for the button. "Default" by default
    • Button Size: One of the pre-defined sizes for the button. "Normal" by default
    • Icon: One of the icons from the pre-defined list. None by default
    • Button Position: One of the position for the button from the pre-defined list. "Centered Block" by default
    • Display Options:
      • Animated: This option enables animation of the button. Disabled ("False") by default
      • Icon on the left: When enabled ("True"), this option places the icon (if selected) to the left of the text on the button. Disabled ("False"), i.e. the icon appears on the right.