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How to synchronize changes to a target server

Once you have:

  • installed and configured Azure Publisher on your source website and
  • [optional] prepared a target server (Web role based or Windows based),

you are ready to synchronize the website to the server.

  1. In the "Content" perspective, select "Azure Publisher" and click "Open Publisher" on the button bar.
  2. In the view that opens, click "Publish".

Azure Publisher will start synchronization and you can view its progress.

Note: When you publish, only new and changed files will be uploaded to the blob storage and files deleted on your source website will be also deleted in the blob storage.


If you want to replace the website instance with the copy of your website entirely, click "Republish".

Note. The "Republish" button is only available to the users with the "Administrate" permission.

Downloading a website from the blob storage

Azure Publisher allows you to download the website from the blob storage (by a publish profile) and run it on a host of your choice. In this way you can set up a "staging" copy of a website from the blob storage, for example, locally on WebMatrix or IIS.

And with its publishing features, you can synchronize your local changes back to the "production" website (as described above).

Note. At least one publish profile should be set as downloadable to make the feature available.

To download a website with Azure Publisher:

  1. Install a new "blank" website selecting "Bare Bones" in the setup wizard.
  2. Install Composite.Azure.AzurePublisher.
  3. Configure the "Account Name" and "Account Key" pointing it to the blob with your website.
  4. Configure a publish profile of your choice as downloadable.
  5. Now in the Content perspective, open Azure Publisher .
  6. In the Azure Publisher view, click Download.

It might take some time to download and locally set up the website. Once the website has been download and ready, the CMS Console will reload - and you will have the copy of the website from the target server.

Note. The "Download" button is only available to the users with the "Administrate" permission.

Viewing the blob change log

You can check the change log of the website data in the blob container associated with the primary publish profile:

  1. Right-click on "Azure Publisher" in the "Content" perspective.
  2. Select "Blob change log" in the context menu.