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Created by Orckestra

How to Use Silverlight Player

  1. Place Silverlight files (.xap) in one of the public folders on your website (e.g. /Frontend or its own /Silverlight).
  2. Edit a page.
  3. Insert the Composite.Media.SilverLightPlayer function ( Insert | Function) or add the code:
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  4. Set its required parameters:
    • Source: The relative path to the Silverlight file on the website to embed (e.g. "/Silverlight/file.xap")
    • Width: The width of the player (e.g. "700")
    • Height: The height of the player (e.g. "300")
  5. Set its optional parameter if necessary:
    • ClientId: The ID of the embedded object to refer to from code (will be added to the <object/> element in its id attribute)