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How to setup your own Package Server

After you install Composite.Tools.PackageServer, the Administrative console will reload and the Package Server application will appear in the Content perspective.

First of all, upload packages to your website:

  1. In the Media perspective, create a folder where you are going to upload the packages you want to distribute (for example, "Packages").
  2. Upload your packages to this Media folder. (The package must be packed with Package Creator and have the .zip extension.)

Next, add an End-User License Agreement (EULA) under which you want to distribute your packages:

  1. In the Content perspective, expand Package Server.
  2. Select EULAs and click Add EULA on the toolbar.
  3. In the EULA editor, type in the name and the text of your EULA in the Name and Text fields respectively.
  4. Save the changes.

You can add and use as many EULAs as you need.

Finally, add your packages to your package server:

  1. In the Content perspective, expand Package Server.
  2. Select Packages and click Add Package on the toolbar.
  3. Provide the information in these fields:
    • Package File: The package uploaded to the Media archive
    • Technical Details: The short description and necessary technical information about the package.
    • EULA: The EULA under which the packages should be distributed.
    • Read More URL: The URL of the web page with full description of the package, user instructions etc.
  4. Save the package.
  5. If you want to make the package publically available, publish it.

How to add a package source in Orckestra CMS

For other CMS Users to download and install your publically available packages on their CMS Systems, they need to add the URL to your package server. The URL must follow this pattern:


For example, "http://www.contoso.com/Packages.asmx"

To add a package server as the package source in Orckestra CMS:

  1. In the System perspective, expand Packages and select Package sources.
  2. Click Add Package Source on the toolbar.
  3. In the New Package Source window, type the URL to the package server (for example, "http://www.contoso.com/Packages.asmx").
  4. Click Next. Orckestra CMS will validate the URL and report whether the URL is valid or not.
  5. Click Finish.

To make the packages from the added package server available:

  1. Right-click Available Packages.
  2. Click Refresh in the context menu.

Important notes

  1. Only published packages are available online.
  2. Orckestra CMS must meet the requirements the minimum and maximum CMS Versions specified in the package so that the package would be available.