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Enable others to maintain their own subsites in one Orckestra CMS installation.

The Subsite Manager addon allows a global administrator to create subsites and associated users, thus enabling a third party (subsite owner) to maintain their own subsite, without having permissions to other subsites or global features.

Subsite owners will have full freedom in terms of content and page structure and be able to change any page content, select different layouts for pages, add CMS Functions to pages, and add and delete pages.

The Subsite Manager addon builds on top of existing Orckestra CMS UI and provides the global administrator with a tool for creating and managing subsites. It includes a subsite stencil, the “master template” for new subsites. A copy of the subsite stencil is what new subsites start with. The tool also includes a media folder stencil, a normal media folder structure and default media files attached, which get copied over on website creation.

Adding a subsite will copy a subsite stencil to a new subsite, create a media folder, create a subsite user manager and new subsite specific user groups and assign permissions such as "add", "edit" to new nodes.

Subsite user managers can add and delete subsite users within their subsites, which enables a subsite owner to delegate content management tasks to other people, giving them limited access where needed.

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Version 1.4.0

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